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Danielle Keys Bess
Danielle Keys Bess

Our Mission

Danielle is moving from grassroots to the front lines in a fight to preserve the historical legacy of District 147! Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words resonate with her when he said, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." As one of Houston's most diverse districts, she seeks to represent its people of all backgrounds, race, age, gender, and socio-economic status. She will advocate for the needs of District 147's community in Austin, resulting in collaborative solutions for the community that she loves, as this District is not only where she lives; it is also where she works, where she worships and where she is serving on a daily basis. 
OUR COLLABORATION is necessary as we consider the key factors needed in outlining the critical paths to reaching our collective goals. We have more commonalities than we do differences, and it is in our similarities where we will find true success and future growth. 
OUR COMMUNITY is deserving of critical resources for infrastructure, as we have given much to others over the decades and we are the city center for higher education, entertainment and arts, small business success, transportation, an abundance of rich history, and more!

District 147 deserves Healthcare & Medicaid
District 147 deserves Educational Reform
District 147 deserves Community Infrastructure

District 147 deserves Public Safety Programming
District 147 deserves Civil & Equal Rights
District 147 deserves Senior Initiatives 

This election is a matter of the heart for District 147! Danielle fully intends to 


THE PEOPLE of Texas’ 147th District!!! 



As your next

State Representative – District 147

HD147 Special Election

Early Voting:
April 25 - May 3, 2022

Election Day:

Saturday, May 7, 2022

Democratic Primary Runoff Election

Early Voting:
May 16 - 20, 2022

Election Day:

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Danielle Keys Bess


"You can either have excuses or you can have results,

you can’t have both."


Community Platforms

Community Infrastructure

Communities can be revitalized without changing and/or replacing the face of its people. Revitalization of our neighborhoods includes a unique mix of renovation programming, historical preservation, new construction and proper affordable housing that allows families to remain in their communities while beautification efforts commence. Community and mixed-use developments promote job creation, increase economic opportunities, elimination of food deserts, and it allows the district to remain as an innovation leader.

Healthcare & Medicaid

It is long overdue for Texas to have expanded Medicaid. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the inadequacies of our healthcare system, and the desperate need for change to improve one's access to healthcare. The mortality rate among women (especially minority women) is on the rise, and we are deserving of our constitutional reproductive rights. Mental Health is another crisis on the rise as the pandemic has changed our society to a 'new normal.' Making sure that the people of the district are of good health both physically and mentally is essential to a full, well-rounded lifestyle. 

Civil & Equal Rights

Advocacy for civil and equal rights is just as critical today, as it has been in times past. The attacks to our justice and freedom within Texas, has the potential to threaten our progress from generations past, and I will fight tirelessly to preserve our rights on civil and equality matters, while advancing our progress to bring about the ideals of our constitution.

Educational Reform

State funding and support at all levels of education is a lifetime investment with endless return from our future leaders. Ensuring that children have access to diverse programming, adequate learning resources/technology, with the appropriate oversight of curriculum for Grades Pre-K through 12 will be the keys to empowerment in aiding our bright minds. Collaborating with the collegiate campuses located in the heart of the district with advance access for our youth, broadens the possibilities for career opportunities and enlightens their minds on the many options available for them to achieve professionally and educationally.

Senior Initiatives

It is on the shoulders of our seniors, we stand. Due to their trailblazing efforts within and among all communities, we are able to continue the work of their hands. In return I will seek out resources that allow them to live life comfortably and freely, as they enjoy the fruits of their labor. The launching of assistance and initiatives that promote physical fitness, reduce chronic illness, provide social activities and support long-term care, is a priority.

Public Safety

Securing the homes and businesses of the district is vital to our growth and development. Creating an open line of transparency with the various law enforcement agencies of the district, brings us closer to reform. Essential programming that protects families against violence and abuse, and reducing crime starts at the state level in making sure that the law is followed and abided by ALL.

District 147

District 147's rich diversity in community, education, and economics makes it a leading metroplex, not only in Houston, but in the State of Texas! This historical district has produced internationally recognized leaders and public figures, competitive educational programs, multi-faceted transportation services, and a dynamic population inclusive of persons from all backgrounds and nationalities. #WeAreDistrict147

Texas Southern Univeristy
George R Brown

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